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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

From track stars Jen Cotten and Andrew Judge, March 2008
If you could make the pentathlon any five events, what would you choose?

COTTEN: There would definitely be some eating [also known as inhaling] because I eat really fast. Perhaps playing with animals. I don’t know how you make that a competition.

JUDGE: When there’s a will, there’s a way. Race around the track in a car.

COTTEN: Mountain climbing or rock climbing.

JUDGE: That game where you have to sit in the thing with the water " a dunk tank. You can see how many athletes you can dunk.

From hockey forward Whitney Weisshaar, January 2008
If you could have any two NHL stars as your linemates, who would you chose?

WEISSHAAR: Number one would be Sidney Crosby since he is amazing and good-looking. I’d take Mats Sundin too, because he plays for the Leafs and they’re my team.

From volleyballer Eric Simon, January 2008
Who do you think is going to win the U.S. election?

SIMON: I haven’t been paying much attention, but I think Stephen Colbert.

He isn’t even running anymore though.

SIMON: It woulda been great if he did though.

From cross country runner Leila Angrand, November, 2007
What were you thinking as you crossed the finish line at Nationals?

ANGRAND: I was actually very, very tired and all I wanted was a chair to sit down on.

From hockey linemates Kevin Richardson, Ryan Hare and Sal Peralta, November, 2007
What is your best pickup line at the bar?

PERALTA: I would get in trouble if I did that.

RICHARDSON: No comment.

HARE: We just leave our lines to [Kyle] Piwowarczyk. He once said to a girl, “Wow, you have nice fingernails.”

PERALTA: Yeah, that was amazing. He also used “I win a lot of faceoffs ... wanna make out?”

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