Ryan Tremblay scores first Pipe of the year

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Purple Pipe: Ryan Tremblay

Shaun Ding

"ARE YOU SERIOUSLY MAKING ME DO THIS?" Running back Ryan Tremblay's stellar performance in the home opener earned him Purple Pipe honours this week.

With 136 yards on 19 rushing attempts and the game-winning touchdown in Western’s home opener football game this past Monday, it is no surprise running back and second-year kinesiology student Ryan Tremblay takes the Purple Pipe this week.

We sat down with Ryan to discuss the Buffalo Bills in Toronto, celebrating at The Ceeps and his love affair with Friday Night Lights.

How did it feel to score the game-winning touchdown in the home opener on Monday?
To be honest, I did not even realize it was the winning touchdown; it was just the fact that we took the lead. That is all I saw it as.

How long have you been playing football?
Not very long, actually. This is my third real year. I really got into it when I transferred high schools. That is when I really took it seriously.

You played at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia last year. Why did you make the switch?
A large part of why I left was it just was not for me out West. When I came back I started looking at Western. I grew up in London so it was a no brainer I guess.

What is it like playing for Greg Marshall?
It is great. He really knows how to coach. He has a lot of experience, obviously. Playing under him keeps you disciplined and he is very smart with the game, he knows exactly what he is doing so you know you are in good hands.

What is your favourite football movie?
Friday Night Lights. I watch it every time before a game at home. I love the idea of high school football under the lights, so I caught onto it.

Do you watch the TV show?
Definitely. I already have both seasons. I am waiting for the third one.

What is your game-day routine?
When I wake up I watch Friday Night Lights and for the rest of the day, I will listen to old school music ... I am not very superstitious.

If your team was stuck on a deserted island, which teammate would you save first?
I don’t know if I can answer that without getting in trouble. Probably my buddy Jaradat [Ahmad]. He is an O lineman and just because he is my boy.

How did your team celebrate its win on Monday night?
We went to The Ceeps. I guess that is the routine. We did it up nice. We partied it up pretty good; it was a big comeback and it was a huge win.

If you could be on any pro team, where would you want to go?
Definitely the Steelers.

How did you feel about the Buffalo Bills coming to Toronto?
I would rather them not come. We are Canadian and I would like to see Canadian football supported a little more than it is. I don’t think the Bills coming here really helps that. I would like to see just the CFL in Canada. I would like to see the CFL grow and keep the NFL where it is.

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