The Purple Pipe: Sean Courtney

Men’s hockey forward snipes trick to take home Pipe

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Take a slapshot at the camera

Shaun Ding

OUR PHOTOGRAPHER HAS NERVES OF STEEL. After chipping in three goals, Ennismore, Ontario native Sean Courtney earned this week’s Purple Pipe.

Every week, The Gazette awards the Purple Pipe to an outstanding Mustang athlete.

After netting a hat trick in the Mustangs’ last game against the RMC Paladins, forward Sean Courtney was the overwhelming favourite for the award.

We caught up with Courtney at practice to ask him about the team’s success, sombreros and playing hockey in Alberta.

How did it feel to get the hat-trick in last Friday’s game against RMC?
It’s a pretty good feeling. It’s been a long time since I had one so it’s nice to get the monkey off my back.

The London Knights have a tradition that when a player gets a hat-trick, that player skates off the ice at the end of the game wearing a sombrero. If you were to adopt this tradition for your team, what kind of a hat would you like to wear?
What relates to a Mustang? Maybe a cowboy hat?

Why have the Mustangs been so successful on the current win streak that started at the end of November? What’s your opinion of the season so far?
We have 13 or 14 new skaters this year " it takes some time for those players to get in and start gelling. So I think we’re starting to find a little bit of a rhythm playing together.

When the team gets a win, how do you guys celebrate?
Right now we’re in the chase for a playoff spot, so as much as we’d like to celebrate a victory, it’s always onto the next game.

What do you feel your role is on this team?
I’m pretty much a checking centre. Basically, a defensive forward.

What is it like to play for head coach Clarke Singer?
Clarke’s a great coach. He treats us like men. He has a lot of respect for us and he’s got a lot of coaching experience in this league. Hopefully he can take us far.

You’re from Ontario, but before coming to Western, you played out in Alberta. What was that experience like?
Honestly at the time, it was to get away. I wanted to go somewhere I hadn’t been and experience a different part of the country.

Did you enjoy the atmosphere out there?
I absolutely loved it in Alberta. It’s an exciting place to live right now especially with everything growing the way it is. It was amazing to see how big hockey is out there. You think it’s big in Ontario but there’s a rink in everyone’s backyard and every school ground.

Who was your hockey idol growing up?
I always looked up to my brother. I had an older brother who always played and was pretty successful. I always looked up to him, compared myself to him and wanted to be like him.

Anyone in the NHL you would pick?
Chris Pronger. I got to watch him when he played for Peterborough. He’s been so successful in the NHL and for Team Canada. I always enjoyed watching him.

What’s your favourite hockey memory?
I would say winning the OHL championship when I was with the Erie Otters. Definitely a great experience to go to the Memorial Cup.

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