2009 Sex Survey Results

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

A female bottom

Notable Long Answer Responses

What is your favourite sexual position?
Twisted spider, upside down seahorse, scissors, pound from the top, “I’m not sure you should ask your mother,” she puts her legs over me and we form a ‘T’ shape, spider monkey, swinging cowgirl, doggy style pulling her arms back, don’t know what it’s called but it includes rope/a camera/and lots of ice.

In what public places have you had sex?
Park outside school, house party in front of everyone, beach, city bus, hotel sauna, American Eagle fitting room, UC Hill, church parking lot, residence bathroom floor, barn, picnic table, cave, back of moving van, forest, public washroom, McDonald’s play place, baseball park, Gazette office, elevator, Spanish River Provincial Park: there were coyotes, lost and found in a chapel, locker room, Social Science bathroom, ferris wheel, campus lab, beach, high school library, pool table, down by the river on a log, Spencer Engineering Building, McKellar Room, Bat Room, Saugeen Dining Hall, CN Tower, UCC clubs office, jungle gym, kin lab, forest, ex-girlfriends house with current girlfriend, laundry room, garbage shoot, public pool, student council room, mail room, at the back of Huron College outside, tunnel between Alumni Hall and Spencer Engineering Building.

What’s your strangest fetish?
Toes in my mouth, licking inside of ear, hair pulling, pirates, squirrels, elbows, photographer/model, treasure trail, vampires, having sex with a girl who just had sex with someone else, Pygmalian Syndrome, the arctic fox, jungle woman, feet, teacher/student, BDSM, CFNM, ears, pegging, empty concert hall on a piano, watching, bondage, spanking.

What is the strangest/dirtiest thing you or your partner has said during sex?
“Have you ever tasted semen before?,” “Why does everyone ask if I’m a virgin?,” “You feel like sour cream,” “I came at the end of the guitar solo,” “Hit my balls!,” Explaining stats example from textbook, “I’m hungry,” “I wish you could skull fuck me,” “Can I stick my finger in your asshole?,” “My dick feels like corn,” “Cum in my mouth,” “The dog is watching,” “Your sister is watching,” “Are we there yet?”

What’s the strangest object you’ve masturbated with?
Electric toothbrush, showerhead, glue stick, toothbrush, cucumber, flashlight, bedpost, shampoo, left hand, conditioner, plush rabbit, shaving cream in a sock, cheese grater, hand soap, olive oil, Doritos bag, dental floss, a banana, T-shirt, right hand, a pie, a leg, shampoo bottle, lotion bottle, Hair bursh " the non-bristled end, boxer shorts, hair trimmer, hair elastic, round end of a venus razor.

Have you ever gotten a serious injury during sex?
Internal bleeding from falling on my bedside table, dislocated shoulder, kneed in the jaw, head butted, rug burn on face and toes, bleeding back, chipped tooth, dislocated jaw, broken penis, bruises on the ass, boyfriend put out his back, my heart, stubbed toes, shattered ankle.


45% of respondents are male
55% of respondents are female

12% of respondents are 19
29% are 20
29% are 21
14% are 22
16% are 23+

97% of respondents are sexually active

9% of females are bisexual

17% of respondents lost their virginity between 13 to 15 years of age
(22% of females)
53% of respondents lost their virginity between 16 to 18 years of age

14% of respondents have had 1 partner
43% have had 2 to 5 partners
17% have had 6 to 10 partners
16% have had 11 to 25 partners
5% have had 26+ partners (all male)

16% of respondents have had sex with a partner over the age of 30

34% of respondents have had sex with a Soph

48% of respondents enjoy talking during sex

26% of respondents have said the wrong name during sex

42% of male respondents have forgotten their partners name during sex
(16% of female respondents)

27% of male respondents have said ‘I love you’ for sex
(9% of female respondents)

65% of male respondents tend to be dominant during sex
(34% of female respondents)

25% of female respondents have fantasized about someone else during sex

26% of respondents have caught a roommate masturbating

23% of male respondents enjoy porn in all its form 1 to 3 times a day (no female respondents did)

27% of male respondents have had a threesome
16% of female respondents

45% of respondents have role played during sex

64% of respondents have had a ‘friend with benefits.’

28% of respondents have ever made a video with a partner (same number of male and females)

50% of male and female respondents have used a sex toy

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