Anderson beats all-time scoring record

Coach Barrie looks at new ways for Anderson to continue scoring in future

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Amanda Anderson

Shaun Ding

WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW. Western guard Amanda Anderson puts all of her muscle and might into every game she plays, according to her coach and teammates. Anderson’s drive and skill earned her the Mustangs all-time scoring record.

Western guard Amanda Anderson is a leader; she is driven, dedicated and a talented basketball player, according to her teammates.

“Amanda has many strong qualities as a teammate, but I think her best would be how great of a role model and leader she is,” Western guard Brittany MacDonald said.

“Amanda is a player: she does it all. She hates to lose and will do anything to give her team a chance to win,” Western forward Bess Lennox added. “Every single day in practice she gives 100 per cent and leads by example.”

After beating the Lakehead Thunderwolves 66-63 on Feb. 6, Anderson can add being the Mustangs all-time scoring leader to her resumé.

“It is definitely an amazing feeling,” Anderson said of beating the scoring record, previously set by Michelle Vesprini in 1996. “There have been great players to come through this program, so it is such an honour to have it passed on to me.”

Prior to the game, Anderson was only one point shy of Vesprini’s record of 1,171 points. Within the first quarter, Anderson had secured a new record. Anderson had 27 total points in the contest.

The team plans to celebrate the record-breaking game, but not until after the season has ended.

“When she hit the shot to break the record, the former record holder ... came onto the court to present Amanda with a ball to recognize her points,” forward Nadine Paron said. “We are all really proud of Amanda because as players in the program, you know names like Vesprini and for Amanda to bring herself up to that level is really spectacular.

“We will celebrate after the season because we are on a mission to get to nationals and don’t want anything to distract us from our goals for the season,” McDonald added.

In her fourth year with the Western women’s basketball program, Anderson has proven that she is an all-around player and an integral piece of the puzzle for Western.

“As a player, Amanda is a competitor. She has constant drive; a drive to win, a drive to improve and a drive to compete,” head coach Stephan Barrie said. “She is a tremendous scorer. She knows how to score in a variety of ways, shooting the three or driving to the basket.

Amanda Anderson

“She is also a leader for our team. We feel we need her on the floor all the time.”

Off the court, the basketball team is like a family with Anderson front and centre.

“Our team is a very close one ... we’re always hanging out outside of the basketball setting,” Anderson said. “This group of girls is a bunch that I will be friends with for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything.”

This was a sentiment that her teammates shared when discussing their personal relationship with Amanda.

“Over the past two years, Amanda has become one of my best friends. She is outgoing and fun to be around,” Lennox said.

“I’ve known her since high school but it wasn’t until university that we really became good friends,” Paron added. “The best part about Amanda would be that she is super laid back and easy to get along with.”

As for next season, Barrie hopes to utilize Anderson’s strengths and incorporate them into his game plan.

“Her strengths are her will to win and her work ethic,” he said. “Basketball wise, her ability to shoot and handle the ball make her very difficult to guard.

“For next year, we may look at developing a few more ways for her to score. I think she can score out of the low post and we may add that in.”

For Anderson, there may be only one more season of Western basketball, but the sport will be part of her life forever.

“I would love to keep playing basketball forever. It is something that I look forward to doing everyday,” she said. “I am returning for a fifth year and then I am hoping to go play overseas after I graduate.”

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