Women's 4x400 relay runs away with Purple Pipe

OUA champs look forward to strong showing at nationals

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Purple Pipe winners: relay team

Laura Barclay

After capturing the Ontario University Athletics 4x400m relay gold medal, Gazette Sports is happy to pass off the Purple Pipe to Jen Cotten, Jen Ricks, Lisa Grieve and Melanie Lui. Ricks, Grieve and Lui found some time to shoot the breeze about winning the OUA championships, preparing for nationals and keeping busy on the road.

What are you going to do to prepare for the CIS championship?
Ricks: Just going to keep up with the training and stay mentally strong.
Greive: We’ll probably go visit the VIP room ... it’s pretty exclusive.

Who’s the goofiest out of you four?
Grieve: Absolutely Mel [Lui]. She’s a rookie and definitely has a crazy unique side that we love. She’s kind of a nerdy, story-telling, football-player-wannabe, Rubik’s Cube-loving long sprinter.
Lui: That’s a tough one ... maybe not so much ... Lisa [Grieve]. If you ever want to meet a goof and a half ... now you know who to approach.
Ricks: Cotten, because you can always count on her to make you laugh and lighten the mood when it is intense before the race.

Do you have a pre-race ritual?
Grieve: We don’t really do anything too out of the ordinary, I just personally have to be around someone while warming up or I’ll go crazy with nerves and get stuck in my head.
Ricks: We just wish each other luck and know that we want to race hard because not only are we giving 100 per cent of our effort in for each other but also for the entire Western track team cheering us on. We feed off each others nerves and energy and use it to race fast.

Describe how you keep yourselves entertained while travelling?
Lui: I love sharing stories with the people sitting around me. It’s always story time. On extremely long bus rides, sometimes a little calculus is pulled out or a 4x4 Rubik’s Cube ... but they are always put aside for a good story.
Grieve: Mel [Lui] always has her Rubik’s Cube with her and tries to teach everyone but no one ever listens long enough for it to be successful.

- with files from Grace Davis

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