Farmanara snipes Purple Pipe after strong series

Rookie eager for McGill match-up

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Yashar Farmanara balances the Purple Pipe on the blade of his stick

Shaun Ding

SURE, ROB SCHREMP CAN IMPRESS WITH A NORMAL HOCKEY PUCK, BUT WHAT CAN HE DO WITH ONE OF THESE? Rookie Mustangs forward Yashar Farmanara has been on a hot streak of late and hopes to keep things going heading into this weekend’s Queen’s Cup match-up against the McGill Redmen.

After scoring four goals and adding three assists in seven playoff games, Mustangs men’s hockey forward Yashar Farmanara earned the coveted Purple Pipe award for outstanding athletic play.

The West Vancouver native sat down with The Gazette to discuss team chemistry, chicken and sending out a vibe at Jack’s.

What is the secret to your team’s playoff success?
I played junior for five years and I’ve played on a lot of different teams and I think that this team more than any other is really close knit. Everyone gets along really well and we like to hang out with each other off the ice. We were getting used to each other during the year, and I think we really started clicking near the end of the season when we were gearing towards playoffs. Everybody just loves playing so much that it’s really easy to play well.

If you had to choose, which of your teammates would you least like to play against and why?
I don’t know if I’d like to see [forward] Jeff Martens barreling down on me just ’cause he’s a big guy. Sometimes I don’t think he knows his strength. He’s a pretty big and strong guy and I wouldn’t really want to go into the corners with him.

Any pre-game rituals?
I do the same thing everyday. I wake up, go for a walk [and] sometimes take a nap. Usually I eat chicken or pasta ... I’ve had a lot of chicken and pasta over the last six years.

What was the coolest thing about playing in the Western Hockey League?
The guys that you get to play with. So many of the guys go pro out of the WHL. I played with so many guys that are in the NHL right now or just got drafted or are just on the cusp of making the NHL. You kind of look back and think, “Whoa, I played on a line with that guy. I saw him everyday of my life and now he’s making millions of dollars.”

Why did you choose to come to Western?
I played with [fellow Mustang] Kyle Lamb back when I was 19 and we ended up being pretty good friends. I had a few buddies that went here out of high school and they liked it a lot and I knew that the school and the business program were really good. There were a lot of different factors and I knew it was going to be a good situation.

Which NHL player do you respect the most and why?
I think the guys are probably going to give me a hard time about this but it’s definitely Pavel Datsyuk. I just think he’s the best player in the league. He’s so skilled and he’s really good defensively too.

Favourite hockey memory?
The last two weeks have probably taken over anything else [with] how exciting it has been. I’ve never really won anything before, so just being able to go to the national championships and being able to play for the Queen’s Cup probably takes over any other hockey memory I’ve ever had pretty quickly.

What’s the best London bar?
My favourite is probably upstairs Jack’s just because it’s a little more mellow with the live music and it’s a little more relaxing than some of the other places.

When you go out are you normally rocking the bar or busting out some sick moves on the dance floor?
I’m probably just chilling most of the time. I guess it depends on if I’ve had enough to drink then I might be out on the dance floor every now and then. But overall I’m more of an upstairs Jack’s kind of guy.

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