Boozing wide-out, loudmouth O’Neill sent to Sin Bin

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Matt Jones

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I DON’T UNDERSTAND, MICHAEL IRVIN SAID IT WAS COOL. Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones earned a spot in the Sin Bin this week after being found in contempt of court for violating the terms and conditions of his release from a prior drug charge.

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones was arrested Monday in Fayetteville, Arkansas as a result of having high alcohol content in his bloodstream.

Jones was found in violation of the terms of an earlier release from a prior drug charge.

In July 2008, he was arrested after officers found him and a few friends snorting cocaine in his car at eight in the morning. As if powdering his morning doughnut with nose candy wasn’t bad enough, marijuana residue was also found in the car and Jones was later suspended for the final three games of the 2008 regular season.

After a drug rehabilitation program and routine drug tests it seems Jones still has not found his way out of trouble as it looks like he will likely be suspended again for his latest antics.

Another athlete being sent to the Sin Bin is the self-proclaimed Big Aristotle, Shaq Diesel, Superman, Shaqovic, Shaq Fu, Dr. Shaq. He has involved himself in quite the war of words with Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy.

Known for his dry humour, Shaq took things one-step further last week by calling out the coach for being a “master of panic” and “front runner who will never win anything because he will let his teams down.”

He also called Van Gundy a “broken navigational system” " all in rebuttal to the Orlando coach who accused him of flopping. Van Gundy seems to have become the latest target of Shaq’s insult parade, which began last week with Chris Bosh and moved on to Magic star centre Dwight Howard.

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