Volleyballers win tourney, take the Pipe

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Andrew Hinchey and Josh Chisholm

Jon Purdy

THEY DENY IT, BUT IT’S PROBABLY SEXY SPANDEX SHORTS MAKING THEM SMILE FUNNY. Men’s volleyball co-captains Andrew Hinchey and Josh Chisholm talk about spandex, Sammy’s and fighting skinny guys.

Every Friday, The Gazette awards The Purple Pipe to an outstanding Mustang athlete or team; this week, the men’s volleyball team takes home the hardware.

Hosting the first annual Western Rodeo Volleyball Tournament at Alumni Hall Jan. 5 and 6, the squad went undefeated, beating Windsor 3-0, Guelph 3-2 and London 3-1. Now Western (8-4) hopes to extend its winning streak when it faces the Varsity Blues in Toronto Jan. 14 and hosts the Ryerson Rams at Alumni Hall Jan 19. The Gazette caught up with co-captains Andrew Hinchey and Josh Chisholm to discuss digs, drinking and Spandex.

Do you feel men’s volleyball often gets overlooked in favour of sports like hockey and football?
CHISHOLM: Yeah, definitely. [Those sports] are more mainstream " they bring in the fans. They’re a little more intense, I guess.

What is your mindset heading into the second half of the season?
HINCHEY: Right now [the league] is pretty tight, so there are some really big games coming up. Every game is important and can put us in line for the playoffs....it definitely motivates you because every game is as important as the next.

You guys have a young team this season. How do you use that to your advantage?
CHISHOLM: Hard work. We might not be the best team on paper, but I think we’re willing to work hard.
HINCHEY: Having a young team is good because we’re developing for next year, but it also makes the guys who are older work harder to be role models for the younger guys.

Do you guys have any pre game rituals?
HINCHEY: I don’t know if you should write this, but I’ve got a pre-game meal: my Grandma’s spaghetti sauce.

Is there any trash-talking in volleyball?
CHISHOLM: Tons. (laughs) This guy, right here (points to Hinchey), if he was on another team, I would hate him. He’s the loudest person, always standing up at the net. I can just hear him going non-stop. If there’s a young setter, or someone who just messed up, he’ll let him know about it. He just keeps going and going...
HINCHEY: But not rude stuff. We have some good chirpers on the bench too.

The women’s volleyball team has some pretty cute uniforms. How would you feel about sexing up your uniforms and adding some Spandex?
HINCHEY: No! (laughs)
CHISHOLM: We’d have to shave our legs, though. (laughs) No, I’ve got nothing. (laughs)

What do you guys do for team bonding? Describe a typical night out.
CHISHOLM: Hmm, pre-drink with a keg, go to the Ceeps, a couple of games of flip-cup or caps.

If you could pick one guy on the team to be on your side in a bar fight, who would it be?
HINCHEY: Tom Sterling.
CHISHOLM: Either Hinchey or Dano (Dan Miller). Dano has the height advantage and he’s got the reach. Skinny guys fight to the death.

What’s your favourite post-bar eatery?
CHISHOLM: Oooh, Sammy’s. Sammy’s large poutine.

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