Excessive gloating lands Patriots in the Sin Bin

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

For a team that’s arguably been the NFL’s most successful over the last decade, the New England Patriots certainly don’t seem to know how to carry themselves in victory.

San Diego Charger players were frustrated by New England’s excessive midfield celebration following the Patriots’ playoff win this weekend at Qualcomm Stadium. As a result, Bolts running back LaDainian Tomlinson got into players’ faces and quarterback Philip Rivers claims he saw the Pats pointing at the scoreboard, mimicking linebacker Shawne Merriman’s spastic sack dance and stomping on the Chargers’ logo.

Though Merriman is about as classy as Ron Burgundy, it’s no excuse for the Patriots to act like children. The Chargers had some choice words for the opposition during post-game interviews, including pointing a finger at New England head coach Bill Belichick.

The Pats have a hearty test in store, having to face the Indianapolis Colts at the RCA Dome next week. They should already have their eyes on that prize.

But considering they’ve won three Super Bowls this millenium, they should learn to act like pros.

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