Hockey linemates snipe the Pipe

Kennedy, Benedetti and Hare net 14 points versus Lakehead

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Purple Pipe Winners Ryan Hare (left) and Steve Benedetti

Jonas Hrebeniuk

MORE GOALS THAN A HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR. Ryan Hare (left), Steve Benedetti (right) and linemate Craig Kennedy grab the Purple Pipe this week for outstanding offensive prowess against Lakehead last weekend.

Every week, the Purple Pipe is awarded to a Mustangs athlete or a group of athletes who has put forth an outstanding performance. This week, the nod goes to the men’s hockey line of Craig Kennedy, Steve Benedetti and Ryan Hare, who combined for 14 points in two games versus rival Lakehead this weekend. Gazette Sports caught up with Benedetti and Hare to talk pre-game routines, Paul Newman and Pizza Hut.

What’s your pre-game routine?
BENEDETTI: Everyone on the team has their own thing that we do, so usually in the morning I play basketball and I eat the same food every day. I go to the rink, all the boys play soccer, and then we play.
HARE: I’m not really a superstitious guy. I just always have the same ice time routine, but never anything too serious.

Which teammate would you not want hitting you over the middle?
BENEDETTI: I’d say [Mike] Sellan " he’s a pretty big boy.
HARE: That’d probably be Mike Sellan. He’s a big crusher and he’s always looking for that big hit, hurting everyone for the puck, so you’ve got to keep your head up, especially in practice.

What’s your mindset for this weekend’s games against York and Brock?
BENEDETTI: The last two weekends have been good, so going into this weekend we’re confident if we carry in those two big games.
HARE: Us and Lakehead is one of the huge rivalries, so it’s always nice to be out two times, knowing that they were pulling up on us, and have a chance to leapfrog them. It’s good to get wins there.

Who’s your favourite Slap Shot character?
BENEDETTI: It’d have to be one of the [Hanson] brothers.
HARE: Whomever Paul Newman is. What’s his name?

Did you have mini-sticks growing up? How many?
BENEDETTI: (Laughs) Yeah. I was a huge fan of mini-hockey, so I’ve probably got every team out there.
HARE: I had mini-sticks from all over " wood ones, longer ones, the mini ones. They were all Leafs ones, especially when Gilmour was around " I’m a huge Gilmour fan and collected all his stuff.

What’s the best hangover cure?
BENEDETTI: I’m still trying to figure that one out.
HARE: Just sleep. That’s all, I guess, and Pizza Hut buffet usually does the trick.

Does your line’s friendship contribute to success?
BENEDETTI: Definitely. We’ve all been playing together for a few years now " we’re all pretty close, so it definitely helps.
HARE: Especially with Steve Benedetti and Kenner, it’s all about experience on our line. We’re an older line " five years, four years and three years " what we bring to the table is experience and that’s what we’d like to shed to our teammates.

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