Trusty Ruste pilfers the Pipe

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Stephanie Ruste

I'M GONNA BREAK MY RUSTE CAGE AND RUN. Women's volleyballer Stephanie Ruste scores the cherished Purple Pipe this week, and we're sure she's sick of Soundgarden references.

This week, the cherished purple pipe goes to women’s volleyballer Stephanie Ruste.

Ruste had 22 kills in two games over the weekend to help extend Western’s winning streak to 14 games. Ruste has contributed stellar offensive strength in her third year with the 16-1 Mustangs.

The Gazette met with Ruste to chat about sibling rivalry, embarrassment and Marble Slab.

What’s your focus heading into the playoffs?
We want to secure home-court advantage and we just want to play to our potential throughout the playoffs. We had an early exit last year and we don’t want the same thing to happen again.

What has been your most memorable experience this season?
I think our Toronto win on the road. It was a great moment as a team; we played as a team, played well and it was our toughest challenge yet.

Describe a typical night of “team bonding.”
It would probably start with a home game, which we would win, and would be followed by some pre-drinks and a night at The Ceeps. Or if it’s before a game, maybe a trip to Marble Slab.

What is your most embarrassing moment on the court?
Last year, Melissa Mann was going for a back-row attack, and I got in her way and she fell flat on her face. So she was embarrassed too, but I was definitely embarrassed.

If a movie was being made about you, what actress would play your part?
Me? Hmm, good question. I couldn’t even tell you. That’s a lame answer, I’m sorry. (laughs)

Your younger sister Andrea also plays on the team. Any sibling rivalry?
None whatsoever. Because I play offence and she plays defence, we kind of work as a team on the court. So it’s more support than anything else.

As an Ivey student, how do you balance your school work and volleyball?
You just have to work hard and efficiently. You don’t always do the best work, but you do what you can. It’s not too bad.

Beach volleyball " your thoughts?
It’s a fun game to play. My sister and I were going to play this summer, and hopefully we still do. A lot of the girls on the team are big into it and they’re pretty talented too.

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