Brees' injury lands him in Sin Bin

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Drew Brees

This week’s Sin Bin minutes are allotted to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who dislocated his non-throwing elbow this weekend in the Pro Bowl.

No one should get injured in the Pro Bowl; it’s possibly the lamest “all-star game” in professional sports. There is no blitzing allowed and it’s clear all players are half-assing it.

Brees didn’t even seem to get hit very hard while throwing a fourth-down incompletion in the first quarter. A dislocated elbow is no picnic, but the injury shouldn’t affect next season as the players have at least three months to lick their wounds before minicamps.

For these players, the Pro Bowl is nothing more than a free trip to Hawaii and a chance to wear extremely gaudy uniforms, though it was refreshing to see Patriots coach Bill Belichick in something other than a tattered hoodie.

Still, the game is such a yawner that stars like Colts wideout Marvin Harrison and Redskins tackle Chris Samuels didn’t even play.

It begs a question for Brees: what’s more lame? Playing in the Pro Bowl or getting injured in it?

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