Figure skater Danielle Brick wrests Pipe

There must be something in the "frog water"

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

This week's Purple Pipe winner Danielle Brick

Jonas Hrebeniuk

HER FREE SKATE IS BOTH GREAT AND INNATE. Danielle Brick showed incredible skill to win this week’s Purple Pipe. Our caption writers’ rhyming abilities didn’t showcase any skill whatsoever.

Every week, Gazette Sports awards the Purple Pipe to a standout Mustang athlete to honour their contribution to Western athletics. This week, figure skater Danielle Brick receives the Pipe after winning the gold medal in the short program free skate at last weekend’s Ontario University Athletics championships.

Brick, in her first year at Western after transferring from Ryerson, was also awarded figure skating team’s MVP at the OUA banquet last Thursday night. The Plattsville, Ontario native sat down with The Gazette to discuss dance, drinks and double-flips.

When did you start figure skating and why?
I was two years old and my mom is a skating coach, so I just saw all her skaters skating and wanted to do it as well.

Any judging controversies in OUA figure skating?
Not so much in the free skate, since it’s a little bit easier to judge. Sometimes in the dance events there can be some controversy, but I don’t dance.

Would you rather go to the Olympics or skate professionally?
I think I’d rather skate professionally. There’s just not as much pressure and it’s fun.

What’s your favourite jump to perform?
A double-flip, just because it’s the jump that came easiest to me, so I’m more comfortable doing that jump, I guess.

Have you ever had any interesting injuries?
Yes, I had compartment syndrome in my right leg. It’s where the muscle in the front of your leg is in a casing and it’s not supposed to grow larger than the casing, but I was overusing it, so I had to have surgery. I was off skating for a good two months.

How do you prepare before going on the ice?
I just warm up and go through my routine " relax. There’s nothing I have to do.

What is your favourite summer sport?
Does dance count?

Who are your favourite professional athletes?
I like Jamie Salé and David Pelletier, and Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue. Scott Moir is my coach’s son.

What is your favourite drink at the bar?
Frog water. It’s vodka, water and bar lime.

How many pairs of skates do you go through in a season?
Just one. A season isn’t even quite a year. I’ve had the same pair of skates for the last two seasons. I get my skates sharpened a lot, so I had to get new blades this season.

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