Rhodes' behaviour belongs on the Bengals

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

NFL free agent Dominic Rhodes was arrested Tuesday and charged with impaired driving. In doing so, he guaranteed himself a job for the 2007-2008 NFL season, as the Cincinnati Bengals will undoubtedly pursue him in hopes of maintaining the team’s culture of trouble with the law. Rhodes has previously been charged with domestic battery, so the Bengals know they’d be getting a proven performer along the lines of Chris Henry, or any of the other nine Bengals arrested in the last 14 months.

The San Diego Chargers have hired a new coach. Only a week after Marty Schottenheimer’s firing, Norv Turner has been hired, presumably because he’ll massage general manager A.J. Smith’s ego. Given Turner’s previous track record as a head coach " he has an overall record of 58-82-1 " it seems the Chargers will continue choking come playoff time.

Tom Brady’s ex-flame, Bridget Moynahan, has announced she’s pregnant with his baby. Brady’s actions " along with Matt Leinart’s recent announcement of his own impending fatherhood " have shattered NFL stereotypes. Even the league’s golden boys are littering children around the league.

Derek Jeter refuses to acknowledge he and Alex Rodriguez have an off-field friendship. On Monday, Rodriguez told the press his and Jeter’s relationship had cooled. Jeter responded by saying, “What we do away from the field, how much time we spend together, really makes no difference when we’re playing.” Just goes to show how much of a team sport baseball is.

The NBA All-Star Weekend was held in Las Vegas this year, to the detriment of the game itself. The weekend of hard partying did nothing to help the quality of play. The dunk contest was the highlight of the weekend. Gerald Green’s win was the highlight of the season for the Celtics, who have lost 18 of 19 games.

Former champ Nate Robinson again showed short-guy dunks look great but occur once in a blue moon. The weekend provided Vegas vacationers with something to do besides blowing their children’s trust funds.

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