Kin dodgeball tourney a success

Proceeds go to Make-A-Wish Foundation

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Throwing a dodgeball

Jon Purdy

IF YOU CAN DODGE A WRENCH, YOU'RE A LUCKY BASTARD. The kinesiology faculty members weren't throwing tools at each other at their charity dodgeball tournament, but there was still hot competition.

Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge!

The Faculty of Kinesiology held its first annual charity dodgeball tournament Saturday. Proceeds from entry fees and donations went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, continuing an earlier fundraising effort.

Everyone from first-years to teaching assistants participated in the fun-filled, action-packed tournament organized by the Kinesiology Student Council.

“I’m glad that people came out,” said Julian Ho, third-year representative and primary organizer of the event. “[Judging] from the turnout tonight, it was really good.”

Over 80 participants, volunteers and spectators were present at Alumni Hall.

The rules were similar to those in the film Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. There were six players per team and most teams had substitutes. When a participant was hit below the head, they were eliminated. If a player caught a ball thrown by the other team, the thrower was eliminated and a previously eliminated person on the receiving team could rejoin.

The event opened with a brief but spirited performance by Western’s cheerleading squad. The format was round-robin, with all teams playing each other. The two teams with the most victories earned a spot in the tournament final.

The quality of dodgeball was nothing to be laughed at; it was different from the game you played in junior high. Even the balls were relatively heavy, hard to catch and painful when thrown by some of the premier players.

“It was a lot more competitive than I thought it was going to be,” said second-year competitor Matt Blatchmore. “[But] it was a really good idea and lots of fun.”

There were controversies, arguments and some selective forgetfulness of rules. However, the referees did a good job sorting out disputes and no hard feelings were carried out of the gym.

Blatchmore had the highlight of the night when he blocked a ball, caught another between his legs while he lay on the ground, then tossed out the remaining opponent " all in a matter of seconds.

Coming into the tournament as heavy underdogs, the lone first-year team dominated the round-robin and emerged as the top seed heading into the final. The second seed was won by one of the two third-year teams " barely edging out the other third-years.

In the tense final, the teams were tied 2-2 entering the last two minutes. The first-years then turned on the afterburners and played the rest of the game virtually mistake-free to claim the title.

“Although you had bad games, those don’t even count,” said victorious first-year Mike Laidley.

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