National gold earns 4x400m team the Pipe

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Men's 4x400m relay team: Miguel Wason, Abdull Zubair, Tarek El Morsey, Randy McAuley

Jon Purdy

GAZETTE SPORTS: ALWAYS PUTTING SMILES ON FACES. The chipper quartet of (from left) Miguel Wason, Abdull Zubair, Tarek El Morsey and Randy McAuley earned a gold medal at the CIS championships last week.

The Purple Pipe is usually given to an individual Mustang displaying athletic prowess, but this week it’s awarded to the entire men’s 4x400m relay team.

The team " Randy McAuley, Miguel Wason, Abdull Zubair and Tarek El Morsey " won Western’s only gold medal at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport championships last weekend. The Gazette sat down with the guys to discuss competition, partying and Star Wars.

How do you feel about the track team’s season?
McAULEY: We had a pretty intense year. We worked our butts off, harder than we had in a long time.
ZUBAIR: A lot of people ended up being injured, but even after that people seemed to pick themselves up and come back with a vengeance... because of that we were able to put Western back on the map and show the rest of the country we’re as strong as we’ve ever been.

What was the level of competition at the CIS?
WASON: The level of competition... was incredible. At every single event there was strong competition. Every single event was noticed at these nationals " everyone was watching every event because every event mattered.
EL MORSEY: I transferred from Missouri State and I competed in the NCAA, and it’s good to see Canadian sports raising the level of how they are competing. We can compare ourselves to the NCAA. It’s getting there.

How did the CIS meet compare to the Meyo meet at Notre Dame?
ZUBAIR: I feel like the energy was at least as big as the amount of energy at Notre Dame. At this meet, it seemed like every single event had something amazing happening in it.

How did you become involved in track?
EL MORSEY: Started off with football as a means to stay in shape in the offseason.
McAULEY: There is just a point in time where it’s just like “I’m a little too fast not to take track seriously.”

What is the 4x400m team going to look like next year?
McAULEY: The success of the 4x4 has been a long-running thing. This program and tradition is going to continue " we have good stars returning and they’re not gonna slow down. If I’m around, that will be a bonus. You can expect this team to run faster next year.

Do you party as a team or individually?
McAULEY: I don’t see my other friends in track season. [The team] hangs out together all the time, we train together every day and we’re away at meets every weekend. There is really no opportunity to not go out with each other.
WASON: If you don’t like the people on the track team, you’re really going to have to start liking them. It’s who you’re going to spend most of your time with.

If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?
McAULEY: X-ray vision. Am I the only pervert in the group?
EL MORSEY: The power to do everything; you can’t go wrong.
McAULEY: That’s a cop-out.
ZUBAIR: To fly or be invisible, for obvious reasons.
WASON: [I’d want] Jedi-Knight status.
McAULEY: If I could have one superpower, it would be The Force.

What’s your favourite Star Wars movie?
WASON: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
McAULEY: Episode III. They actually make a real character out of Anakin.
ZUBAIR: Return of the Jedi.

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