Sin Bin: Duke Blue Devils

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Hats off to the Duke Blue Devils basketball program for earning some much-needed time in our infamous Sin Bin.

The Dookies are keeping the Bin’s bench warm thanks to their recent Lucifer-esque fall from grace. After Gerald Henderson exacted some elbow grease (literally) on Tar Heel Tyler Hansbrough’s schnozz, the prestigious Blue Devils buttressed that performance with a first round exit in the NCAA tourney.

The Blue Devils, coached by legendary bench boss Mike Krzyzewski (spell that five times fast), have been fast tracking down the toilet. The squad dropped eight of its last 12 contests to finish the regular season 22-11 " 8-8 in the Atlantic Coast Conference " paltry by Duke standards.

Their last two losses were against bitter, in-state “Tobacco Road” rivals North Carolina and NC State. As a Duke fan, there isn’t much to look forward to this year short of watching NASCAR and smoking darts.

Duke has been one of the pre-eminent NCAA hoops programs since the days of Christian Laettner and Bobby Hurley in the mid ’90s. Their players are stereotyped as privileged, whiny cry-babies. That’s why it’s refreshing for Hansbrough (now wearing a protective mask for his broken nose) and any other non-Duke fan to see the Blue Devils suck for once.

It looks like it’s back to the drawing board for Coach K. It’s quite likely the Blue Devils will be more dangerous next season, as their top players " Josh McRoberts, Greg Paulus and Jon Scheyer " are underclassmen.

Still, it’s nice to see Dookies grumble as they’re parked in the Sin Bin, at least for this season.

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