Manny grills, Kahn grilled, Woolmer killed

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Manny Ramirez

MORE STEAKS THAN A MAJOR LEAGUE SLUGGER — OH, WAIT. Ribbies and ribeyes go hand in hand for Manny Ramirez. At least they will until his grill goes on eBay.

Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter gambled with the law Sunday night when he hit Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle Levi Jones. The two NFLers were at a Las Vegas casino playing a not-so-friendly game of blackjack when Porter allegedly struck Jones in the face. The only jackpot Jones walked away with was a cut to his right eye and a new enemy on and off the field. Porter may face charges, but luckily this quick squabble went no further than Porter’s single swipe.

Pakistan’s cricket team lost head coach Bob Woolmer after he was strangled in his hotel this week. While at the Cricket World Cup in Jamaica, Woolmer was found dead just hours after Pakistan was eliminated due to an upset by Ireland. Jamaican police fingerprinted and interviewed Pakistan cricketers Thursday. Team Pakistan is devastated by the loss, but Jamaican authorities are doing their best to bring light to the situation.

Boston Red Sox left fielder Manny Ramirez is auctioning off a grill he no longer wants on eBay with a starting bid of $3,000 US. Ramirez will include an autographed ball in the order. Bidders better prepare to pay thousands of dollars. Bidding closes March 28, so hurry up or get grilled.

Bayern Munich soccer captain and goalkeeper Oliver Kahn recently apologized to UEFA for improper conduct at a post-game doping control incident. Kahn, who apparently had stage fright, took two hours to get a urine sample and deliver it to the doctor.

Despite his ability to overcome his fears, doctors told him to give another sample because the first one wasn’t witnessed. Kahn got angry at doping control because his family was waiting for him and he wanted to go home. After apologizing for his “pissy” mood, Kahn hopes to avoid a team suspension for being a dope.

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