Betting Arenas' ego belongs in the Bin

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Gilbert Arenas

YOU CAN BALL IN "ARENAS" OR PLAYGROUNDS. Moron Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas nestles his way into our weekly Sin Bin for wagering on his craft and being a fool.

This week, overzealous, balloon-headed Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas earns his time in the dark, dingy, urine and rat-infested crawl space we call the Sin Bin.

The NBA recently scolded Arenas for making $10 wagers with Trail Blazer fans during Washington’s visit to Portland last Wednesday.

In his typical cocky fashion, Arenas was bantering with fans throughout the Wizards’ 100-98 loss. Blazer fans were already incensed with Arenas because he’d guaranteed to score 50 points during the game. He was booed heavily during pregame introductions and whenever he touched the ball.

As it grew obvious Arenas would fall well short of his guarantee (he finished with a pedestrian 19 points), the idiot started making wagers with fans, saying he’d nail the game-winning basket.

Arenas explained the whole debacle at length on his blog, saying he’d made $10 bets with two different fans and obtained their e-mail addresses so he could pay them if he lost. Not surprisingly, the NBA promptly removed the references.

The stunt is the latest in a laundry list of Arenas’ cocky, self-absorbed behaviour. The Washington star often launches three-pointers, turns his back and raises his arms before the ball goes through the net. He passes about as much as an ill-informed euchre player, and upon entering the league, he modified his Cadillac Escalade so much even rappers’ jaws were dropping.

Arenas says he wears number zero because it reminds him of when he broke into the league and scouts thought he was worth nothing.

Let’s break it down, Gilbert. Pete Rose was banned permanently from baseball for betting on it; college hoops was shrouded in controversy over point shaving in the 1950s. Moral of the story: athletic leagues don’t like it when their athletes bet on the sport.

Put simply, Arenas is a jerk. He’s dumb enough to make bets on the court, and he’d probably play with a chip on his shoulder in a game versus grandmothers with osteoporosis. We figured it was high time he wound up in the Bin.

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