Squash standout wins Purple Pipe

Edmison comes up big in national competition

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Purple Pipe Winner: Stephanie Edmison

Joyce Wang

HOPEFULLY SHE DOESN'T "BOAST" ABOUT HER WIN. Western's Stephanie Edmison recently came home with the 2007 Black Knight Canadian University and College Championship title in the women's squash division.

Every week, The Gazette recognizes a standout Mustang athlete who has scored big on the court, field or ice. This week, the Pipe goes to Stephanie Edmison, a second-year economics major who stars on Western’s legendary squash squad. Recently, Edmison won the 2007 Black Knight Canadian University and College Championship title in the women’s squash division. Edmison took time from her busy, title-winning schedule to visit The Gazette and discuss sports clubs, The Ceeps and superpowers.

When did you start playing squash and why?
I started when I was nine, because I did every sport in my club " it was a multi-sport club. I played every sport when I was younger, but I just picked squash.

Were you a multi-sport athlete in high school or did you focus on squash?
I did varsity hockey, baseball, soccer and squash for a while. Then I took it down to hockey and squash, but I ended up picking squash [in university]. I did play varsity hockey all through high school, though.

Was last week your first experience at nationals?
No. I actually won nationals twice before when I was a junior " once when I was 15 and then when I was 17.

What was your experience at nationals like this year?
It was exciting [and] fun. It was nice because there was a team there too. At the other nationals [that I went to], it was sort of completely individual. [There are] no team events associated with it. But with these events the whole team comes out, so it’s pretty fun.

What does the squash team do for team bonding?
Well, we go to this place called The Ceeps. It’s a well-known library on campus. We study and learn about different cultural environments. (laughs)

Have you had any interesting sports injuries?
I threw out my back when I was younger, but no really fun or interesting ones.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I’d probably want to fly, just because it would be convenient and fun.

What’s your favourite drink at the bar?
Well, I’d probably have to go with something boring like a rum and Coke. That’s usually the one I go for at the bar.

What’s your favourite pre-match meal?
I’ll eat anything. I’m not the best nutritionist. (laughs)

What’s your favourite sport to watch?
I’d probably have to say hockey, because it’s exciting and fun and I used to play it. It’s a fun and exciting team event. I’d have to say team events are better than individual sports [to watch].

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