Raptors quack Marks deserves the blame for injuries

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

It’s been an exciting season for Raptors fans with the dinos’ quick emergence as a playoff-calibre team, but the season might be derailed if somebody doesn’t page team quack Paul Marks.

The Raptors have suffered numerous injuries this season, mostly minor ones, but the last few weeks have scrambled the roster. Jorge Garbajosa broke his ankle and Andrea Bargnani underwent emergency appendectomy surgery under the watch of Marks, who has shown less aptitude than an 1800s snake oil salesman this season.

And, of course, the Toronto media are missing the problem, never criticizing Marks. They’ll grill John Ferguson Jr. for the tie he’s wearing, but with the Raptors’ depth quickly eroding, no fingers are pointed to the man in charge of keeping the team healthy.

Sure, it’s easy to say “What the hell? How could Marks have known Garbo would break his ankle or predicted Bargnani’s appendix was going to burst?” But that’s loser talk. Marks isn’t paid to make excuses " he’s paid to keep players on the court or get them back as quickly as possible.

If that means Garbo has to finish the season with a peg leg, so be it. Hell, the Raptors could have paid Dr. Nick to tell us Garbajosa’s ankle was busted, but at least he’d be a laugh in the locker room.

We don’t expect Marks to raise the dead, but it’s not like we’re asking him to cure cancer (although he obviously isn’t doing anything else with his time, so maybe he can get on that). As this point, we wouldn’t let him fix our hamster’s ear infection. It’s time for Dr. Marks to prove he earned his online degree from the Idaho State Technical Institute of Medicine.

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