The preppy and the pretty: sports studs

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

David Beckham

MANICURE IT LIKE BECKHAM. David Beckham's leather pants and moussed hair land him on The Gazette's All-Pretty Boy list.

Lock up your daughters and protect your wives â€" it’s time for The Gazette’s top sports pretty boys. Rules of the game: they must be on an active roster and display some form of competence in the sport â€" no Jesse Palmer garbage.

Alex Rodriguez
Rodriguez, who cuts his hair every 10 days and has been spotted tanning shirtless in Central Park, was a favourite among Bronx Bomber hecklers last season. His struggles under pressure, massive contract and slim-fit jeans don’t sit well with blue-collar Yanks fans. Sure, chirping him about his average with runners in scoring position is fun, but telling the three-bagger his Yankee pinstripes don’t have the same slimming effect they used to will send an emotional Rodriguez spiraling into depression (and a tub of Häagen-Dazs).

Tom Brady
Brady is a 100-per cent no-brainer. His three Super Bowl wins as the New England Patriots’ pivot are the benchmark for active NFL quarterbacks. Recent news of an illegitimate child with ex-girlfriend and supermodel Bridget Moynahan has solidified Brady’s position as the NFL’s top purveyor of pimp.

Alex Rodriguez and friend

Andy Roddick
The tennis star’s recent resurgence under legend Jimmy Connors has been well-documented. Equally well-documented are rumours of an off-court romance with women’s tennis juggernaut Maria Sharapova. Roddipova drama is nothing new for the American, whose love life has been a veritable who’s who of Seventeen magazine.

David Beckham
Beckham built one of the most glorified soccer careers on the ability to bend penalty kicks into the smallest of windows from any angle â€" yet he can’t hit shots in the big game. Despite his relative success as the golden boy of English soccer, Beckham’s true appeal to fans comes from charming good looks, marketability and a glare that could melt ice caps. Damn global warming stealing Becks’ thunder.

Sidney Crosby
Crosby makes the list on the basis of his perfectly-puckered, raspberry-glossed lips alone. Sid the Kid will be the face of the NHL for the next 15 years, and don’t forget he was ballin’ before he could legally drink, signing contracts with Reebok and Pepsi before he turned 18.

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