Turncoat Leafs fan stands up for whiny Sens fan

Sports mailbag: readers like Sens fans and Phillies

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Jeremy Roenick

DO YOU SEE A "C" ON HIS JERSEY? Muhye Syed remembers the days when Flyers captain Jeremy Roenick was scoring against Cujo. We remember the days when our letters were factually accurate.

Re: “Chirping irks Senator fan”
Mar. 23, 2007

To the Editor:
To be honest, I really don’t think Evan [Pacey] is being that bitchy. I “used” to be a Leafs fan back in the day, but I found that, even after having a wicked roster " like the one they had against Carolina in the third round of the playoffs, I forget which year " the Leafs still lost! Or the time when Jeremy Roenick, the Philadelphia Flyers’ captain, single-handedly scored against Curtis Joseph and destroyed the roster (consisting of nine former captains).

Toronto has had its chances and now I feel another team will get the job done for Canada, be it Vancouver, or heck, even Ottawa. However, I think the main reason for a team’s success is team management, which is a problem for Ottawa.

Why would anyone trade their playoff-saving hero (Martin Havlat) for a backup goalie (Martin Gerber)? Ottawa’s general manager really needs a spanking. Ottawa would have been the Cup favourite if it had a better goalie " Ray Emery is good, but he’s not good in overtime, which there will be lots of in the playoffs!

Overall, the Canucks or even the Flames have a better chance of winning the Cup than any team in the East!
"Muhye Syed
Medical Science III

Ed Note: Muhye, do yourself a favour and do some research before sending in hate mail to the paper. Keith Primeau was captain of the Flyers during Roenick’s tenure.

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