Avoiding the Frosh 15

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

While doing aerobics or playing intramural sports will help you avoid the cursed frosh 15, hitting the weight room can provide some definition to a person of any stature.

If you are looking to add some bulk to your body, you need not look any further than Western’s own Campus Recreation gym, located in the bottom floor of the UCC.

Western’s current weight room may not be the best in Canada, but it has all the essentials needed for a weekend warrior to bulk up, and it’s free!

The best thing to do before starting out is to find a workout partner. In doing so, you make going to the gym a more social activity and have someone to keep you motivated to lift throughout the year.

When you actually start hitting the weights, the first thing you need to do is ignore everyone else around you, particularly those lifting significant amounts of weight. Comparing yourself to others is an easy way to lose confidence and get out of the gym early, so set your own goals and focus on them.

Aim to go to the gym three to four times a week, each time focusing on different areas of your body.

A typical lifting schedule will target the chest and biceps the first day, shoulder and triceps the second day, back and abdominal muscles the third day, and leg muscles on the fourth day.

Aim to do about four to five exercises per muscle group on the first three days, and about eight leg exercises on the last day. More extensive programs or workout advice can be sought out from the staff working at the gym.

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