Welcome to Holding on to Hope!


“At one time or another in everyone’ s life, stress and anxiety can undermine our self-esteem and ability to maintain a positive outlook. There’s no shame in this, and there’s no need to suffer alone. Whether you’ re grappling with how to manage a busy schedule, or struggling with more complex personal issues affecting your frame of mind, it’ s important to reach out for help. That is why Western’ s Student Health Services and Student Development Services are there—they are people who care and who are trained to help. I applaud the USC for its efforts to raise awareness about mental health issues and the important resources available to support students.”

Amit Chakma
President & Vice-Chancellor
University of Western Ontario


The Holding on to Hope campaign is dedicated to creating awareness about Mental Health Issues. Through working with on-campus resources at the University of Western Ontario, such as Student Health Services and the Student Development Centre, this USC led initiative will ultimately work to end the stigma of Mental Health issues on-campus. Moreover, this campaign will offer opportunities to learn about Mental Health issues and challenges faced by students, provide up-to-date information about on-campus and community resources and more importantly it will serve as an outlet for students to voice their opinions and be heard on the issues of Mental Health!

holdingontohope.ca can be used to get information about the campaign, view the schedules for upcoming events and workshops and to access links to useful mental health resources.

Please support the Holding on to Hope campaign as we work together to end the stigma of mental illness!

Julia Nantes 
Mental Health Issues Commissioner, 2011-2012
University Students' Council
University of Western Ontario