Shinerama is Canada`s largest post-secondary school fundraiser. Each September, over 25,000 college and university students at over 60 campuses across Canada raise funds by shining shoes, cars, windows, and anything else they can think of, for cystic fibrosis research and treatment programs. Local campaigns have expanded to include a variety of events under the Shinerama banner including raffles, dances, barbecues and concerts. Since 1964, students have raised over $13.1 million.

The Shinerama campaign at the University of Western Ontario is run as a commissionership of the University Students Council. While the campaign is year-long, most activity occurs during the summer, culminating in intense activity during orientation week. As Western has the largest orientation week in Canada, it is no surprise that Western`s Shinerama is traditionally one of the nation`s most successful.

Since joining the Shinerama initiative in 1968, Western has raised over $2,000,000, the most of any university.

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