Campus Alcohol Policy (CAPS)

Campus Alcohol Policy

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Every UWO event that involves alcohol is subject to the UWO Campus Alcohol Policy.  Event organizers must be familiar the policy and represent the University and USC at approved events.  USC related organizations are required to submit policy applications minimum 21 days in advance.   

For events planned at the Wave or Spoke, please contact the facilities directly:

The Wave:   Attn:  Jaclyn McKenna 
The Spoke:  Attn:  Ben Lollar  

Requests submitted for events at these venues on-line MAY NOT BE HONOURED without direct confirmation with the facility.

Policy Summary  
The Campus Alcohol Policy (CAP) guides how the provision and consumption of alcohol at student, staff and faculty organized events are managed.  The objective is to promote the safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff and visitors while protecting the University, University Students’ Council and event organizers from legal liability.  


UWO Alcohol Policy Appendices

Appendix A - Event Proposal
Appendix B - repealed
Appendix C - Smart Serve Training
Appendix D - Advertising and Commerical Activity on Campus
Appendix E - University Trademarks Policy
Appendix F - UWO/USC Poster Policy

Campus Alcohol Policy Event Proposal Form

USC commissioners planning alcohol related events must obtain approval of the APRC, or its designate, prior to the start of the event. There are no exceptions. Approvals are granted based on policy compliance as explained in the policy. Proposals for USC related events are to be submitted at least 35 days in advance of the beginning of the event. Proposal forms are available in the USC Office, UCC 340 or online via the following link: Event Proposal

Underage Drinking
Proposals for events that involve or anticipate the participation of underage students must identify the people and procedures that will be in place to prevent alcohol consumption by those who are not of legal drinking age. These events will be screened by the USC and evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the license holder and the APRC.

Advertising and Sponsorship of Licensed Events
All advertising must adhere to the Liquor License Act, the Advertising and Commercial Activity on Campus Policy and Licensed Commercial Use of University Name and Trademarks Policy. Pursuant to the requirements of the Liquor License Act, the drinking of alcohol may not be promoted, the pricing of alcohol may not be communicated, and advertising may not be targeted to underage drinkers. Western`s policies apply to media for which regulation is reasonable and possible. All posting and flyer distribution on campus must comply with these requirements and is further regulated by UWO/USC Poster Regulations.