DOC Policy

This policy applies to any off-campus event that is planned by an USC organization that does not include alcohol.  Applications must be submitted a minimum 21 days in advance of the event start date.  Non-alcoholic events taking place entirely on Campus are exempt from this policy.

This exemption notwithstanding, if your non-alcohol event is planned for in the Wave or Spoke, or Spoke Lounge, space reservations may be required.  To ensure a successful event, please contact the facility directly as early as possible to avoid disappointment:

The Wave -  Attn:  Jaclyn McKenna
The Spoke - Attn:  Ben Lollar
Policy Summary

The Dry Off-Campus Programming Policy (DOC) recognizes that USC organizations and Commissioners may wish to organize non-alcoholic events, off University campus to provide cultural, educational, religious, and social experiences.  This policy aims to facilitate these excursions while reducing exposure to the potential for legal liability on the part of the USC, event organizer, and participants.   


DOC Event Proposal Form

USC organizations and commissioners planning non-alcoholic related events off-campus must obtain approval , prior to the start of the event.  Approvals are granted based policy compliance as explained in the policy.  Proposals must be submitted at least 21 days in advance of the beginning of the event.  Proposal forms are available in the USC Office, UCC 340 on on-line via the following link.