USC Food Support Service


What is it?
The USC Food Support Service is a completely anonymous food hamper distribution system.  Food hampers can be requested through email and collected 24 hours a day.  

Food Support Services REQUEST FORM 

How does it work?
Each month, ‘food hampers’ are prepared by USC volunteers.  These ‘hampers’, packaged discreetly in grocery bags, contain enough food to prepare two meals.  The hampers are then placed in unmarked lockers throughout the UCC.

To obtain a food hamper, students can email and request one – no identification or other information is required.  Any special requests (such as baby food or dairy free items) can be made at this time. 

The student will receive an email from the USC Food Support Service coordinators within 48 hours with the location and combination of a locker within the UCC (if special requests are made, it may take up to a week to prepare a special hamper).  The student can then pick up their food hamper at any time from their locker location, allowing for complete anonymity and 24 hour access.

Students may also obtain hampers in person at the University Student’s Council office (UCC Room 340) during business hours.

What items are available through the USC Food Support Service?
Non perishable food items are available through the USC Food Support Service.  We will also distribute special items such as baby food or non dairy items by request.  The USC food support service website will also contain information about special items that are not typically stocked at the USC Food Support Service but are currently available, such as toiletries and office supplies.  These items can also be obtained by request.

Who can use the USC Food Support Service?
Any UWO community member may use the USC food support service.  No identification is required, however the service is targeted towards those in need in our campus community.

Where can I bring in donations?
You can bring any non-perishable food items that you or your organization would like to donate to the University Student’s Council office (Room 340, UCC) during business hours.  Please call 661-3574 for more information.

How can I volunteer?
You can email the coordinator at or call 661-3574.