About Us

General Information
Western Film is open 7 nights a week and shows all the latest movies just a few weeks after they debut!

Western Film has a Class A theatre license and is an independent, second-run (or move-over) movie theatre. That means that we show all the latest releases, just a few weeks after they debut in first-run houses.

Tickets are only $5.00 per person and $3.50 on Tuesdays, making us the best deal in town. Kids and seniors are just $3.50 every show. The box office (located in front of the McKellar Theatre) opens one half hour before show-time.

If you're not in front of your computer and you want to find out what's playing, check out the Gazette, the London Free Press, or call the MovieLine at 661-3616. If you desire, we can even notify you of our weekly features
via E-mail....

Technical Information
The McKellar Theatre is a first class motion picture facility....

In February 2013 Western Film made a significant investment and purchased a Digital Projector. 35mm film is being phased out and very few theatres still show actual film. Our image is still the same size and bright with 2K resolution, the same as most theatres. The audio is better than before, uncompressed 5.1 track surround sound playing through a Dolby 750 unit. One major advantage of Digital over film is the lack of scratches and physical damage that 35mm film was prone to.

Our sound system features 22 speakers and is amplified by 4400 Watts of power.
As a single screen theatre we can pay more attention to detail than a theatre with many screens all run by one person! We adjust focus as needed and set the volume level for each show.

The Digital projector also allows us more flexibilty to show non-hollywood films and even play Video Games on the Big Screen.


Family or General - Suitable for anyone, usually denotes a children’s movie.
PG Parental Guidance -No age limit. Some adult content, language or violence usually.
14A - Anyone under 14 must be accompanied by a person over 18.
18A - Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a person over 18.
R Restricted - No one under 18 under any circumstances. Usually denotes heavy violence or sexual content.

Advertising Opportunities

Western Film features a slide presentation before each show. The slides contain trivia questions as well as advertisements for Western Film's various services and ads from other businesses as well. The slide presentation begins each night approximately one half hour prior to every screening. The slides can be professionally produced by graphic artists at Creative Services here in the UCC building or can be provided by advertisers. The slides are full colour and can contain photos. Space is now available in the presentation for local businesses to advertise products or services to our patrons. For rate information and further details about advertising opportunities at Western Film just e-mail us at wfilm@uwo.ca or call the Western Film office
at 661-3616.

Video with sound can also be shown.

Gift Certificates

For any occasion, Western Film gift certificates are the perfect solution. Available in $5 denominations, they can be used towards the purchase of admission tickets, concession items or movie posters and they never expire. Available at the box office every night.

E-mail us at wfilm@uwo.ca


Western Film is located on the second level of the University Community Centre. The UCC is located roughly at the corner of Western road and Elgin drive.


For detailed information please visit our parking page with a map...




There are many handicapped parking spaces in the Social Science lot which is the parking lot closest to Western Film. However, we can only validate parking at this lot Monday To Friday, 7 pm show (excluding Holidays). The rest of the time the lot is $6.00 coin entry.

These are elevators just inside the building from Social Science lot. If using a different entrance the elevators are near the base of the main stairs and the Mustang Lounge.

Western Film has wheelchair spaces on the main floor and on the balcony.

For any inquires please e-mail us at wfilm@uwo.ca

Group Discounts

Western Film offers discounts to groups of 20 people or more....

Interested parties must call or e-mail the office at least 2 days in advance to arrange for the discount. Group rates are not available on Tuesdays. There is also availability for private screenings. Just call 661-3616 or e-mail wfilm@uwo.ca for details.