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We're still looking for more input on our Friday Midnight Cult Movies for the fall. The survey responses so far have some obvious picks but a lot of the other movies have about the same number of votes. Please leave suggestions or you can pick from our survey on the Cult Movies page.

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Western Film Status List
Updated Jul 28, 2014...
Western Film will be closed for a month, possibly more, starting May 23rd for renovations to the theatre. More info to come. Movies we don't play before we close may or may not play when we reopen.

These films will be playing at Western Film:
(subject to unusual circumstances)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
X-Men Days Of Future Past*
Edge Of Tomorrow
22 Jump Street
The Fault In Our Stars*
How To Train Your Dragon 2*
Snowpiercer (if this doesn't play anywhere else in London we plan to play it.)
Transformers Age Of Extinction
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

These films probably will play at Western Film:
A Million Ways to Die In The West
Purge : Anarchy
Sex Tape

These films probably won't play at Western Film:
Spider-Man 2 (comes out on DVD before we reopen and is so long we can't fit in into the schedule for the first couple weeks back.)
Planes 2
Begin Again
The Other Woman*
Milion Dollar Arm
Earth To Echo
Jersey Boys

These films won't be playing at Western Film. (subject to unusual circumstances)
Deliver Us From Evil
Think Like a Man too.
The Grand Seduction
Fed Up
Fading Gigolo
Legends Of Oz
Mom's Night Out
Grand Budapest Hotel both * and ***
Brick Mansions
Trailer Park Boys 3

*Twentieth Century Fox puts conditions on their bookings that prevent Western Film from playing most of their films.

This list does not include films that haven't been released yet. To inquire about a film not on the list please  E-mail us.

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Status Update 2: Barring any major delays we are planning to reopen Aug 22nd playing Captain American 2 and Edge of Tomorrow.

Status Update: Renovations are taking longer than expected as there are about one thousand construction projects and they seem to be working on all of them at the same time. Then we have to put up the new screen and all the other non-construction improvements we have planned. We now expect to reopen mid to late August.

Renovation Update.

Most people didn't know there was an unused stage behind Western Film's screen. The current renovations are mostly about reclaiming that space so it can be used. Since we have to take the screen down and close for a time anyway we decided to give Western Film what we are calling a Redux.

Final decisions are yet to be made but the Redux will probably include the following elements.
- a new screen mounted higher to improve sightlines from both main floor and balcony.
- The Digital Projector moved to a upper projection booth where we won't have people standing up into the image any more?!
-A complete visual overhaul including curtains and lighting. This will be the fun stuff.
-Some changes will occur at the snack bar as well.
-We are redoing our marketing and advertising including a new logo and website.

We will be updating our website as things progress.

Ever wondered what's behind the screen of a movie theatre?
Answer below..
Really Big Sound Equipment...

no screen

As of Jun12th the stage and back area were gone, ready for the new to be built...
ripped apart
This is what Rows of theatre seats looked like covered in plastic. Came in handy as the room is covered in plaster dust now.
seatsAs of Jul 25th the new bulkhead behind the screen is mostly finished. The empty spaces will house the speakers. The doors along the bottom are for storage under the screen.
bulkhead1From the balcony


Western Film is hiring! Must be a student at Western in the Fall and in London currently.
For more info please check click here.

Anyone interested in Opera or Shakespeare?
We are probably going to be running a series of Royal Opera House productions filmed for the big screen, as well as Shakespeare's Globe stage productions.
However we only know movies?! If anyone would be able to give us some advice such as which of the operas we can choose from are good then we would like to hear from you. Please e-mail us at

Summer Parking changes
as of May 1st.

Social Science is a $7.00 cash only parking charge which can be reimbursed Mon-Fri 7pm show only by bringing yellow card to ticket counter, $6.00 coin entry all other shows and we cannot reimburse.
For summer only Weldon and Medical Science lots are $6.00 coin entry for all shows and we cannot reimburse.

Huron Parking is free for all shows.
See map for details and other lots.


Western Film request to patrons. Please stop bringing young children to movies that aren't meant for them. (World War Z wasn't meant to be seen by 5 year old children). The children's talking and moving around are a distraction to the other patrons. We will be monitoring the theatre and requesting children to be quiet and sit still or leave.