Ally Western is a USC Program that organizes 1 hour educational workshops, focused on issues of sexuality, and gender identity. Ally Western is a sister service to PrideWestern. The primary objectives of the program are to:
Create a safe, accepting, and inclusive campus, where sexual diversity is understood, and embraced.
Reduce fear of discrimination or harassment
Educate participants about LGBTTQ2 issues
Create a visible network of support

I know someone is an education awareness, training and social 
marketing campaign developed by the University Students' Council, 
UWO, Sexual Assault Centre London,and Changing Ways.I know someone

EnviroWestern is the student answer to environmental issues at The University of Western Ontario, providing both action and advocacy for issues important to students, as well as numerous opportunities for students to get involved.

The Ethnocultural Support Service is a USC Student Service created to address issues related to culture or ethnicity that limit the educational experience and quality of life of students at The University of Western Ontario, and to enhance multiculturalism on campus.
Food Support

The USC Food Support Service is a completely anonymous food hamper distribution system.  Food hampers can be requested through email and collected 24 hours a day.

WIN is committed to providing a space free from racism, sexism, and homophobia and maintaining an educational resource center on women's and gender issues. We are pro-truth (women have the right to the truth and choices), and we promote healthy life styles.
PrideWestern is a University Students’ Council service dedicated to supporting and celebrating gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirited, intersex, asexual, queer, questioning students, and their allies at the University of Western Ontario. Run entirely by students, PrideWestern organizes speakers, support, and events such as coffeehouses on and off-campus, discussion groups, Rainbow Revolution, Pride Ball, and bi-weekly movie nights.

No matter who you are at Western, You Belong!

Whether you are, or know someone who is a victim of sexual violence. If you are gay, lesbian, bi, transgendered, queer, two spirited, or asexual. If you a member of a ethnic minority or a woman and even if you are simply passionate about the environment and it’s concerns. You are perfect, and you belong at Western!

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