Volunteering Information

Gazette Volunteer

Volunteering for The Gazette is simple and something that any Western student can do. You don't need to be in journalism or to have any experience - all you need is eagerness.

We are looking for students to help in every section, from writing and photography to graphics and web design. Simply come up to Room 263 in the University Community Centre and speak to an editor from whichever section(s) you want to volunteer for. You will likely be given a smaller piece or a sample assignment for starters, and then go from there.

The great thing about volunteering is that the time commitment is up to you. If you're burdened down with a lot of school work, or have other commitments, nobody minds if you don't do an assignment for a couple of weeks; there is no "volunteering quota." All we ask is that if you do take an assignment, you get it done - our editors are relying on that story to be in the paper.

We're always accepting new volunteers, so don't hesitate to drop by the office at any point in the term!

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